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Welcome to
Northwest Music Academy.

Founded in 2018, Northwest Music Academy is the joint project of Luke Neilson and Leila Noonan.

The academy was formed on the belief that the study of music is inherently valuable for everyone!

Music lessons undoubtedly provide an artistically enriching experience for students. What is less obvious is that music students have been shown to also benefit socially, cognitively, and creatively from music study.

In this way, it is our aim to help each student to 

develop the mind, through music.


"I always wanted to play the piano but wanted to learn 'from the ground up'. I am thirty-four years old and have been taking lessons with Luke for two months. He is very bright and has been able to keep me engaged such that I am progressing very well. I can now read music and practice whatever I want - within just a few months. I shall continue with Luke for as long as possible."

- Trent Modrall

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To get started with your first lesson, or to get more information, please fill out the form below, and we'll reply with our lesson and teacher availability. If you prefer to chat on the phone, please call

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