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Nice to Meet You.

Founded in 2018, Northwest Music Academy is the joint project of Luke Neilson and Leila Noonan. We are committed to delivering engaging and thoughtful lessons in piano, guitar, voice, theory, history, and RCM examinations. 

Please take some time to learn about us and our unique approaches to education. Let us know what works for you!

Leila Noonan

Instructor, Accompanist & Co-Founder

Classical piano   |   Music Theory   |   History   |   Voice |

RCM Exam Prep


"Since 2014, I've had the pleasure of teaching music lessons to a diverse demographic of students. I enjoy teaching all ages, and strive to ensure our lessons are structured and engaging to even the youngest students. In an effort to produce well-rounded musicians, I cover a broad range of skills including sight-reading, theory, technique, composition, and improvisation."

Bachelor of Music from University of Calgary

Music Diploma in Piano Performance from Red Deer College 

Grade 10 Piano from Royal Conservatory of Music

Grade 9 Voice from Royal Conservatory of Music

Instructor & Co-Founder

Luke Anthony Neilson

Luke A. Neilson

Instructor & Co-Founder

Classical piano   |   Jazz Piano   |    Music Theory   |     History   |   

RCM   |   Guitar


"I am committed to providing structured and fun lessons to my students. In each lesson, I aim to communicate the theory and reason behind every technique and exercise. My goal is to challenge my students and to inspire them to meet each challenge."

MA Thesis in Philosophy from University of Calgary 

Bachelor Honours in Philosophy from University of Calgary

Music Diploma in Piano Performance from Red Deer College 

Grade 10 Piano from Royal Conservatory of Music

Eli Noonan


Classical piano   |   Classical Guitar   |   Contemporary Guitar  | 

Music Theory  |  RCM Exam Preparation


"I strive to make each and every lesson engaging, fun, and purposeful, working together with the student to create and achieve the musical goals that matter to them. My focus is broadly on technique and musicality, but lessons and practice routines are cutomized to each individual student. Each lesson includes technique exercises, working through pieces of music together, discussion and instructions on how to structure weekly practice, and various activities to help students remain engaged and reach their goals."

Grade 8 Piano from Royal Conservatory of Music

Grade 6 Classical Guitar from Royal Conservatory of Music

Level 8 Music Theory from Royal Conservatory of Music

Luca Trinca


Classical piano   |   Music Theory   |   Trumpet


"Musicianship runs deep in my family.  The story goes that my great grandmother played piano for silent movies.  My grandparents and parents shared the gift of music with me through the years, and it is my aim to engage students in learning about the joy of playing music.


I take a relational and supportive approach in helping activate

students' interest in music and unfolding their potential."

Grade 8 Piano in progress from Royal Conservatory of Music

Instructors: Team
Luke Neilson
Leila Noonan
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